The Rich Nelson Band’s new  album 'Try On' is out! 

This follows their albums ‘Lucky Bounce’, released in June 2022, 'Fret And Wail' released in 2021, ‘Twenty Twenty Hearing’ from late 2019, and 'Ever Since Now' which debuted in 2018. 

All of the albums (and videos, photos,, dates, etc) are here at, or at, or on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon etc. 

Rich Nelson is a rock musician originally from Detroit. He has been making music and art in the mountains of North Carolina since 2004. The band features Rich with Jeff Manson on bass/vocals and Rob Driscoll on drums/vocals. 
"We are excited about our new music, and getting out to play it!"

Dark Corner Records represents the Rich Nelson Band, the music of 176 ( NC band that released three albums from 2013 to 2017), and hopefully much more good music going forward. 

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New Rich Nelson Band Album 'Try On'